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From Me To You | May 2022

The Beautiful Harmony of Group Consciousness

Sat Naam and greetings to you!

The concept of harmony is a great one these days for inspiring ways forward for our community and our world.  Musically, a harmony is when multiple notes are played at the same time, producing a pleasant combined sound.  Applying that concept to communities and relationships, we can think of two or more people coming together and making something beautiful together that is different from any of them separately.

There is a high value placed in the West on individualism.  I don’t think that in and of itself this is a negative thing.  But without consciously cultivating this idea of harmony, it can lead to the kinds of fragmentation that we’re seeing all around us.  Individualism and lead to polarization, especially when strong us-versus-them feelings give power to demagogues and politicians.  

But with a little practice and effort, it can also lead to beautiful harmonies.  Differences can be a strength, and can lead to creative tension and emergent wisdom.  This is the essence of group consciousness – not the removal of the individual, but where each individual is contributing to the creation of beautiful harmonies.  

I find my work as KRI’s CEO deeply influenced by this idea of harmony and group consciousness.  For those of you interested in this topic, I really love the work on wise democracy by Tom Atlee.  Check out his blog here, which is full of ideas about how diversity can be honored and leveraged towards the good of the whole.  

Finding the harmony in the midst of individual differences is a critical skill these days.  Will the world splinter into smaller and smaller special interest groups?  Or will we come together to collectively tackle global warming and other transnational issues?  

Luckily, practicing Kundalini Yoga is a really effective way to bring harmony to ourselves, and a support for us harmonizing with our various communities.  After a powerful Kundalini Yoga kriya, we can feel all of our disparate “parts” working together.  And we can get better at holding the creative tension in a group of diverse people via the yoga’s strengthening of our nervous system, and the reduction in our fear and reactivity.   

Highlights of this month

Kundalini Beyond Borders Update

Kundalini Beyond Borders is an initiative by KRI & IKYTA to provide grants to KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Teachers who are bringing Kundalini Yoga to an underserved population.  We have received more than 75 applications for this first round of grants, reading through them is SO inspiring.  Kundalini Yoga teachers are serving and sharing in so many amazing ways.  KRI and IKYTA will be announcing this year’s grant recipients in early June.  

Authentic Relationships Level Two Teacher Training

Hopefully the opening of this Note got you a little inspired to give some focus and attention to building and maintaining your relationships!  If you’re ready to dive deep into the yogic teachings and supportive tools in this area, check out the Authentic Relationships Level Two teacher training program!

This 6 day training starts with the most important relationship of all – that between you and your own Higher Self!  You will learn about, and have the chance to practice, yogic techniques to remove the obstacles to relating to your own Soul, and forging a connection so strong, that you don’t have to ever feel that you are not connected to your Spirit – no matter what is happening in your external world. 

You will then build on that foundational relationship with yourself, bringing more harmony to all the other types of relationships in your life.      

KRI is offering this course online in July.  Read more about this course, check out the dates and the training team, and register with a special discount here.  

There are many, many amazing KRI certified teacher training courses around the world; so I hope you will find one that works for you.They will all facilitate you gaining invaluable experiences and take-away tools for stronger relationships. 

Overcoming Addiction Specials

One symptom of us being out of harmony with ourselves is addictive behaviors.  Kundalini Yoga is an amazing tool to help you overcome addiction. This month in KRI, we have compiled a list of E-learning center courses that can help you, or someone you love, utilize Kundalini Yoga in the journey of healing. Read our email below to read more about this bundle. 

We are also offering a 10% Off of two amazing addiction books we sell: “Embodying the 12 Steps” Kundalini Yoga for Recover” and “Meditations for Addictive behavior” 

May we allow the beauty of the sound current and a daily practice to permeate through life, harmonizing with community and the universe. May this sound of harmony flow through everyone, helping us to stay strong and support each other.

Peace in our hearts, peace in our homes, peace in our communities, peace on our planet.

Have a blessed month, and may we come together, honoring our differences while still making beautiful music together!

Amrit Khalsa,



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