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From Me To You | September 2022

Embrace Wholeness in Yourself and Help Heal the World

Sat Naam and greetings to you!

KRI’s theme for the next 2 months is Healing.  There are so many dimensions to healing.  And Kundalini Yoga can help and support all of them!  But the one I want to focus on is a type of internal healing that we all need to do.  

It’s not, “I have something broken or not working that must be fixed” kind of healing.  That level is critical – and there are yoga therapy trainings that focus on using the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to help achieve it.

It’s the yogic approach to our psyches that acknowledges that we all have everything within ourselves.  We each embody different mixes of traits, personalities, and mental facets; based on our unique karmas, samskaras, genetics, and childhood experiences.  We commonly relate to our unique mix of traits (I am kind, I am not selfish, I am intelligent, I am not quick to anger, etc.) as “This is who I am,” “This is me.”  But yogic philosophy tells us that such attitudes are always incomplete.  For example, no matter how kind and generous we act, we all have the quality of selfishness within us.  We have all emotions and all mental facets.

One of the amazing, positive effects of practicing Kundalini Yoga and meditation is how it reconnects us to all the forgotten, neglected, ignored, and unknown parts of ourselves.  This reconnection is a great form of healing.  We waste less of our internal energy at odds with ourself, we can act with greater alignment between all our various component parts, and it becomes easier to sense and act from our Sat Naam, our True Identity.  We can sense and act more from wholeness, rather than reacting from a piece or a part of ourselves (which may be stronger, more developed, or habitual based on our past).  

When we act more from this healed place of inner wholeness, all kinds of magic happens!  Our life starts to flow better, as we make more conscious choices.  We can more fully stand behind our words and actions because they reflect our True Self more than they reflect a sliver of our finite self.  Then the ripples keep spreading from there!  You start to be a healing presence to any person and any situation because your inner alignment invites a similar authentic wholeness from others (though sometimes it can provoke a negative reaction from those that fear such authenticity and/or wholeness!).  

If you’ve read my Notes in prior month’s newsletters, you know that it is really important to me that we all use Kundalini Yoga not just for our personal growth, but as a tool to help serve the world.  And this inner healing – that is a very simple, natural outcome of practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation – is an absolutely CRITICAL part of taking our practice off the mat and into the world.  Trying to tackle the huge challenges all around us these days with a deeply divided psyche (with a lot of shadowed, unacknowledged, unintegrated parts) can only lead to poor decisions and interpersonal turmoil.

The problems facing us and the planet right now require holistic, inclusive, system-level thinking.  That way of working on problems is often not our default mode.  Especially under stress, we shrink our scope of awareness, find old approaches safer, and react more instinctually.  We are going to have to start with ourselves, and do the inner work necessary to treat ourselves holistically, inclusively, and as a complex, highly interrelated system.  Only once we’ve done that individual, inner healing work will we be effective in approaching the community, national, societal, and global challenges from the perspectives required for creative, effective, innovative solutions.

Kundalini Yoga has the subtle healing power to bring about this inner healing into wholeness.  Regular practice automatically begins to knit together your various component parts, into the beautiful, radiant whole Being that you truly are.  Just keep up and let the magic flow!  And KRI is here to support you in your healing journey.

Highlights of this month:

Sharing the Inspiration of Seva

Helping others is a beautiful thing.  It is both an outcome of practicing Kundalini Yoga (you feel more complete, and that you have enough energy, and you can be filled with the desire to share and selflessly serve others), and a part of the practice (practicing selfless service can be a great spiritual practice for all of us).  

KRI is highlighting some of the amazing service projects that Kundalini Yogi’s around the world are doing.


The page is still a work in progress, with more projects being added all the time.  And it is also an open invitation to submit your own service project!  Share your passion(s) to inspire others and to connect with others doing similar things.  

Level One Mexico Hybrid

One of the most effective ways I’ve ever seen and experienced to achieve the inner healing that Kundalini Yoga can give you is by taking a Level One teacher training.  Even if you have no intention to be a teacher, the deep dive into the theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation will open you open like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.  

There are hundreds of amazing Level One teacher trainings around the world.  I’m sure you can find one that will work for your schedule, your primary language, and any other criteria you bring to your search!  This program directory is constantly being updated as new programs are being planned, so keep checking!

You can also check out KRI’s Level One training that will start in November 2022.  It will start off with 5 months of online classes, and then end with a 10 day retreat in-person in Mexico (with a 100% online version available if needed).  There is a special early bird discount available until October.

21 Stages of Meditation

No matter how much or how little experience you have with Kundalini Yoga, you can dive deeply in a six day meditation experience with the 21 Stages of Meditation course.  KRI is offering this as an online experience over 3 consecutive weekends.  And you can take just 1 weekend if you want!  This course begins Oct 8th (with an early bird discount available through Sept 15th), or check out this list of all the 21 Stages of Meditation courses happening around the world.

Level Three Teacher Training

If you have taken all 5 modules in the Level Two training and are ready for your next step, check out the unique, self-directed journey of Level Three.  You can kick off your Level Three journey at a Global Online event, which we call a Mela, Nov 17, 18 and 19th.  

If you are already in the Level Three program, registrations are now open for you for this global mela.  The event will be rich and deep, with meditation experience, and spaces for open dialogue with your peers.  For returning participants, the melas are 100% planned and facilitated by you all, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in their planning.  If you want to be part of making this an amazing, uplifting experience, email Inderjot Kaur!

KRI Monthly Specials:

Each month, KRI offers a discount of some of our more than 200 Kundalini yoga books and dozens of online, always available video courses.  Supporting our theme of healing this month, you will automatically get 20% off these nutrition-related books if you order this month:

You can also find some inspiration in this article – New article on blog: Recipe for Ghee is a recipe for love

Our special offer for online courses this month is to give you 100% FREE access to a really fun online course called Dance Break with Adarsh if you purchase Adarsh’s course on Celestial Communication from the Heart.

My prayer this month is that our daily practice brings you healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  No matter what our personal issues are, may our presence be a healing for everyone we come across.  May we call on Guru Ram Das to flow through us so we are a healing presence on the planet.  May we act from wholeness, to serve all. 

Peace in our hearts, peace in our homes, peace in our communities, peace on our planet.

Have a blessed month,

Amrit Khalsa,



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