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Cultivate Compassion and Be Happier | From Me To You | December 2022

KRI’s theme for November and December is Compassion. Please meditate with me this month to [...]

Understand through Compassion | From Me To You | November 2022

KRI’s theme for November and December is Compassion. What a perfect time to be reminded [...]

Healing with Kundalini Yoga – Hints from Early Science | From Me To You | October 2022

In this second month of KRI’s focus on Healing, I want to concentrate on the [...]

Embrace Wholeness in Yourself and Help Heal the World | From Me To You | September 2022

KRI’s theme for the next 2 months is Healing.  There are so many dimensions to [...]

Everyone’s Secret Weapon | From Me To You | August 2022

There is a lot about life that we don’t have control over. As much as [...]

The Blessing of Elevation – for Yourself and for Others | From Me To You | July 2022

When I took my first Kundalini Yoga class - in September of 1989 - I [...]

Der Segen der Erhöhung – für sich selbst und für andere – Von mir für dich – Juli 2022

"(...)Wir alle fliegen durch das Leben. Wenn du 15 cm über dem Boden fliegst, stößt [...]

The Beautiful Harmony of the Naad | From Me To You | June 2022

In Kundalini Yoga we use the word “Naad” to refer to a sound that connects [...]

The Beautiful Harmony of Group Consciousness | From Me To You | May 2022

The concept of harmony is a great one these days for inspiring ways forward for [...]

Togetherness – Worth the Effort | From Me To You | April 2022

I hope that April and the changing seasons are finding you well.  Just over the [...]

Mind & Meditation – Our most important work!

Yogis have been exploring this topic for a long, long time. Using introspection and [...]

Togetherness – Both a Worldly and a Spiritual Practice | From Me To You | March 2022

I don’t know about you, but I am really missing in-person yoga classes and gatherings. [...]