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Sat Nam and Greetings from New Mexico. We celebrate Guru Ram Das’ birthday this month. Guru Ram Das was a humble man and a great saint and healer. Although he was born a poor child and was orphaned at a young age, he became the leader of the Sikhs and sat on the throne of Raj Yoga. Here is what Yogi Bhajan said about him in a lecture dated October 30, 1985:

“The highest gift of this birthday of Guru Ram Das you can give to him is to be forgiving. That's how he was, very forgiving, very loving, the most compassionate. God took centuries and centuries and centuries, millions and millions and millions, zillions and zillions, zillions of year to create this whole cosmos. And out of all that, He figured out one self of Himself to produce in a human body – a personality, a psyche, a grace of His own representation. And we call it Ram Das, the servant of God. And that's what Guru Ram Das is – the most compassionate, the most creative, ever smiling in extreme… That's why we call on him [by chanting], ‘Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur Jin Siriaa Tinai Savariaa, Pooree Hoee Karamat Aap Sirjan Haarai Dhaariya’

Blessed, Blessed is Guru Ram Das. He who created you has also exalted you. Perfect is your miracle. The Creator Lord Himself has installed you on the throne. “The God creator Himself created this. Have no doubt about it. Even if you doubt, it won’t work. Your anxiety creates insecurity, your insecurity creates doubt, and your doubt creates hell for you.

But if it is true that you have to be anxious, why don’t you create anxiety and anxiously wait and let Guru Ram Das’s compassion come through? Within you, through you, around you, and all of you. If that understanding is God, then you have to do one thing. Live in no guilt. You live in the guilt to the hilt, you don’t appreciate yourself.” My “go to” mantra, in times of distress, is to chant “Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru.” It is my way of creating a space of peace and getting out of my predicament by giving it up to Infinity through my understanding of Guru Ram Das. It engages the bhakti facet of my personality.

This month of Guru Ram Das, we also remember the passing of Yogi Bhajan on October 6, 2004. The night that he died, the entire ashram gathered at his Ranch and chanted from the heart to Guru Ram Das as they prepared his body to leave his Ranch for the last time. Even at that time of great sadness, the love of Guru Ram Das carried us high on wings of love. Try it for yourself and enjoy the peace and grace of Guru Ram Das. It always works for me. 

All love in Divine, Nirvair Singh Khalsa CEO KRI


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