KRI Newsletter Intro – December of 2020

Master’s Touch Meditation

The Master’s Touch Meditation was given by Yogi Bhajan in the last Level One Training program that he taught, only a few years before leaving this Earth. It is a particularly potent kriya, powerful in its ability to break through negative blocks and connect you to your highest truth, the Master within. 

"Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach"

This mantra translates as: "Primal Truth, True for all Time, True at this Instant, Oh Nanak, Forever True."

These are the four stages of truth that must prevail through one touch. It is recorded in the scriptures that this meditation is to be practiced for 2-1/2 hours. However, it is up to you how long you practice.
This is a personal sadhana and does not replace group sadhana in the Amrit Vela.

Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh. Sit very saintly, like you are the greatest incarnation of Lord Buddha.

Eyes: The eyes are slightly open, focused at the tip of the nose.

Mudra: Place the pad (finger print) of the right index finger (Jupiter finger) on the pad of the left index finger, right palm facing out from the body, left palm facing in towards the body, forming a 45 degree angle of the fingers pointing upwards. Other fingers are curled into the palms with thumbs over.

Hold the mudra at the Heart Center, shoulders relaxed.

Mantra: From the navel sing: “Aad Sach, Jugaad Sach, Hai Bhee Sach, Naanak Hosee Bhee Sach”

You may sing or chant the mantra, but it must be done in a monotone. The “suchhh” sound is emphasized as you pull the navel in on each repetition of the word. As you chant aloud, listen with your inner ear. Let the inner ear vibrate. Tune your inner ear so that the hammering of the hammer bones enables your brain to analyze the sound as you hear it.

Time: Continue for 11 min up to 2 hrs 30 min

To End: Inhale, hold the breath. Exhale, relax the mudra and the breath. Rest in Easy Pose and Gyan Mudra for 1 – 2 minutes.


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