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Sat Naam and greetings to each one of you from The Netherlands!

A few trees here in Maastricht are beginning to lose their leaves already. Even though it felt like a very odd summer to me (and maybe to you too!), fall is already here in the northern hemisphere, with its cooling temperatures and its natural rhythmic cycle to turn inwards. This seems perfect to me as the absolutely necessary balance to all the uncertainty and chaos happening in the outer world. October is the birthday month of Guru Ram Das, the ultimate light in that peaceful inner horizon.

We don’t want to turn inwards to avoid the challenges outside, but to balance all the stress and pressure “out there” with an equivalent radiance and deep sense of security “in here.”  We aren’t retreating from the world, but releasing our external attachments and identifications.  Then we can find the only true source of happiness and security – our connection to our own higher self.  And from there we are free to act in the world with authenticity and neutrality, while enjoying the eternal dance of life.

To help you turn inward and find your own inner peace, radiance, and unshakable sense of Self, KRI is excited to offer an online 21 Stages of Meditation course this month.  This course will be offered bilingually in English and Spanish, and you can come for all 9 days or just a single 3-day “journey.”  You can read more about it, and register to attend, here.

KRI also has an ever-expanding catalogue of pre-recorded webinars in the Digital Resource Center on a wide variety of amazing topics such as How Yoga Works in Trauma Recovery: The Scientific Foundations, Embodying Anti-Racism: Being the Change, The Shadow of the Teacher, and Online Teaching that Truly Transforms. New webinars are being offered in a live format several times a month as well, including an exciting 6-week series on the History of Kundalini Yoga beginning October 20th. Check out the catalogue and keep exploring your passions here.

I pray that you are healthy and happy, and that you have a great month of October,


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