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From Me To You | August 2022

Elevation – Everyone’s Secret Weapon

Sat Naam and greetings to you!

There is a lot about life that we don’t have control over. As much as we’d like to, and as much as we may try to convince ourselves, a big part of our experience in the journey of life is outside of our control. Luckily, each of us always has one thing we can learn to control – and that is our inner attitude.  

We can try our best to create the external environment that we want. And we should! We should strive to create a life that will stand as an example for others, and to create a world that we will be proud to leave to the coming generations. But we have to act towards all of that while still being unattached to the outcomes.  

Through all of our striving, and through all the vicissitudes of life, we can always work on our attitude – our reactions and our perspective. When something seemingly “bad” happens to you, do you nash your teeth and look for someone to blame? Or can you take a bigger, or higher, perspective – that it’s all God’s plan, what can you learn from this, and/or how are you being called to serve right now?

It is certainly not easy to consistently elevate your perspective like this! And it doesn’t mean you should never feel bad, or frustrated, or disappointed! But that you work towards being able to consciously process those kinds of reactive emotions, to practice pratyahar, finding the fingerprint of God within every circumstance.

Of course, regularly practicing Kundalini Yoga and meditation are great ways to develop your elevated perspective! It’s not something you can just go to in a crisis. It is like a muscle that you have to develop and strengthen so that it will be ready for you in those toughest times.  

I hope and pray that you are keeping up, through seemingly good and seemingly bad times.  And this month, as with every month, KRI has special offers that we picked specifically to support your journey towards elevation.

Highlights of this month:

Level One Mexico Hybrid

Taking a KRI Level One teacher training is one of the most life changing things you can do! The depth of experience and study you will go through will help lay the foundations for a lifetime of practice – plus all the skills you’ll need to share this amazing technology with others! Check out the next program that KRI will be running – which has an online portion running from November 2022 to May 2023, with a concluding 10 days in-person in Mexico.

Are you already a Level One certified teacher? Retake it and pay only 50% of the course price!  

If you are looking for a deeply transformative and spiritual journey, make sure to sign up today and take advantage of our early bird registration discount!

You can also find a Level One training near you (or online) in our trainer directory here.   

21 Stages of Meditation

To be able to really take ownership of your inner perspective, you need to develop a relationship with your own mind. As Guru Nanak says in Japji Sahib, “conquer your own mind and conquer the world.” The 21 Stages of Meditation course is a fantastic way to work on your relationship with your own mind. Use the subtly different energetic effects of each meditation to experience a different facet of yourself. As with all KRI certification programs, there are many around the world to explore, including one in October that KRI will be hosting.

If you register for KRI’s course by August 31st, you’ll be able to still take advantage of our early bird discount! Click here to find out more.

Level Three Teacher Training

If you are already a certified Level 2 Practitioner, you are able to continue your journey through the largely self-directed Level Three program. Through this minimum 1,000 day experience you will identify the areas you want to work on to become an even better Teacher and elevated human being. Then, with the support and accountability of a peer group, you will outline a plan and accomplish it!

Every Level Three journey starts with participation in a Mela. There are two melas coming up this fall, both online – one convenient for time zones in Asia and Oceania (Sept 30, Oct 1 and 2 for new Level Three students only), and one for Europe and the Americas in November (open for new Level Three students AND returning cohorts).

KRI Monthly Specials:

The Kundalini Meditation Oracle

This beautiful deck of 60 cards, each with an individual Kundalini meditation on it, is the hottest new Kundalini Yoga product in the last 5 years! This is your last chance to get the special presale offer: we are already out of our drawstring velvet bags, so don’t miss our beautiful tote bag and the 20% discount (up to Aug 20th). They are going out fast and the free gifts are limited – get yours now! In North America you can order directly from KRI here, and in Europe, you can order from our partner, Sat Nam Europe.

Free Webinar on Social Change

Take advantage of our FREE online self-paced course, “Close the Gap between Self & Social Awareness: How to Unpack Cultural Biases, Privilege, & Micro-Aggressions” with Atma Chanan Kaur. Broken down into small, manageable sized video segments, this is a great primer on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Yogis United in Social Change – Passion with Purpose Bundle

You can get 50% off the bundle of these three additional, amazing social justice online courses:

  • “Embodying Anti-Racism: Being the Change!” – 6 episodes with Kenn Strickland, Priti Darshan Kaur, Faith Hunter, Gurumukh Mark Harris, Yinka Adeniji, and Japa Khalsa
  • “The Yoga of Intersectionality” – 13 episodes with Gurumukh Mark Harris.
  • ”Revolutionary Love: Open Your Heart to Social Justice” with Nirinjan Kaur Baker & Valarie Kaur

Only up to August 31st – don’t miss out on this opportunity to broaden and deepen your social awareness with over 20h of classes.

May we elevate ourselves and elevate others.  May we lean on our spirit and elevate our consciousness so that we can be a flow of universal love into the world.  Let us allow this elevating practice to be available for anyone who wishes to participate.  May we be blessed with the perpetual remembrance of our True Self, our Sat Naam, and may our actions always come from that elevated place.  May we each act to alleviate suffering in the world in whatever ways we are uniquely able to.  

Peace in our hearts, peace in our homes, peace in our communities, peace on our planet.

Have a blessed month,

Amrit Khalsa,



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