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Have you ever found yourself entangled in a web of misunderstandings, where every attempt at communication seems to complicate rather than clarify? How often have unsaid words or unheard concerns left your relationships strained and fragile?

Communication plays a pivotal role, but often, it becomes a source of misunderstandings and conflicts. Miscommunications, the unsaid, and the unheard—these are the threads that when tangled, create knots in our connections. And because human communication is mostly verbal, all these unveil the immense impact words have on our relationships.

Communication is the lifeblood of our relationships, serving as the bridge that connects hearts and minds. But beyond the spoken language, yogic philosophy recognizes the importance of energetic communication—words that resonate with our internal energy and spirit.

Yes, it’s not just about the words we choose; it’s about the intention behind them. Conscious communication transcends the superficial layers, delving into the profound realms of understanding, empathy, and connection. Picture a world where your words foster openness and authenticity, where every conversation is an opportunity for growth.

To enhance this kind of communication, give yourself around 15 minutes and practice the “Meditation for Intuitive Speaking & Applied Consciousness”. You will elevate your awareness, helping yourself to speak from a place of intuition, compassion and consciousness.





POSTURE & MUDRA: Sit in Easy Pose. Place your fingertips on the heart center with the fingernails touching. All four fingers touch the heart center gently. The thumbs extend upward. The fingers curve naturally into the heart center. The eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.

MANTRA: Chant the mantra HAR at the pace of one per second along with the Tantric Har Tape. The Navel Point pumps automatically with this sound.


  1. a) Chant 3 minutes out loud.
  2. b) Then whisper with it for 4 minutes.
  3. c) Then do it silently. Pump the navel and feel the sound at the heart center for 5 minutes.
  4. d) Then extend the arms up with fingers spread widely and chant to distribute the energy for 90 seconds.


TO END: Inhale very deeply, make fists of your hands and press them on your chest hard. Exhale, inhale deeply again, and press the fists on the Navel Point. Hold as long as you can. Exhale, Inhale and make the fists next to the shoulders. Hold. Consolidate yourself and then relax.

COMMENTS: If you just listen to the sound and feel yourself, say it you will enter a meditative twilight zone. Go past that by feeling the sound in the fingertips and then the entire rib cage and then the entire body. Hear the subtle energy of the sound. There are six creative sounds that create our world: Har Haray Haree Wha-Hay Guru. Listen to the sound of Har as a creative, qualified word expressed by your being and the Being of All.



Does the experience of this practice leave you wanting to dive even deeper? We invite you to join our upcoming Level Two – Conscious Communication, an opportunity to refine and enhance your communication techniques.

Elevate your understanding of the art of conscious communication and transform your relationships through its power!



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