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KRI – Message & Meditation of the Month from Nirvair November 2019

Meditation for Christ Consciousness

Originally taught on March 22nd, 1976

Time: Start with 11 minutes.


1. Sit in easy pose with your spine straight.

2. Place the thumb of each hand on the mound below the mercury finger (little finger). Press your palms together so that the right thumb fits nicely on top of your left thumb. The thumbs are parallel and put enough pressure that the moon area, the mound below the thumb, is pressed together. It is a little tricky to get a perfect fit. Make sure your hands are pressed firmly together so that the bottom of the palms (moon area) are touching.

3. The hands are held at the diaphragm level, pointing slightly upward.

4. Inhale completely while mentally repeating the mantra once. Then hold the breath for 16 repetitions and exhale with one more repetition. Thus, there is a total of 18 mentally vibrated mantras. The inhale should take about five seconds, the held breath 20-25 seconds, and the exhale about five seconds.

Eyes Focus: Not specified.

Mantra: Any mantra that inspires you to Infinity. Wahe Guru, or Sat Naam is a good example.

To End: Drink water after the kriya.

“When you do this meditation, the order is you should wait for few minutes and then drink a glass of water or some liquid. Start with about 11 minutes…. There is a very classic situation where you can inhale, taking about five seconds to inhale, then you take about twenty to twenty-five seconds to hold the breath, and five seconds to let the breath go. You will find tremendous energy in you. Tremendous energy. That's why the requirement is when you finish it, drink some tea. In Tibet, when they do it, they take butter tea and drink it. In India they drink milk, but in the West water will do. According to the written records, which I found in Kashmir there was a man Yesu – they call him Jesus in the West. Yesu Hazareth, Yesu of Nazareth, a carpenter – in West you call him Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He used to talk and when he used to come into ecstasy, he'd praise the Lord. There is no mantra given with it, but the meditation is there.”


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