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by Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa

Yogi Bhajan looked across the sea of faces at Summer Solstice 1999, stopped in the middle of what he was saying, and said, “By the way, if you like to write, now would be a good time.” He was looking directly at me. His facial expressions said, Get it? I mean you!

Well, yes, I love to write. But except for occasional bursts of poetry and an annual holiday newsletter, I hadn’t written much since leaving college. Many years before Yogi Bhajan’s directive, I decided not to write until I had something to say. Now, what did my Teacher want me to write about?  The answer came to me a few months later.

Let me backtrack a bit.

My husband and I moved to Oregon in 1978, planning to build a house. That plan fell through, and we remained in a messed-up house in a neighborhood where I once outran a wannabe rapist. I was so miserable I contemplated drowning myself one night in the bathtub. That experience prodded me to search for help, which led to my 1983 discovery of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma.

My mood lifted with my practice, but we remained in the awful house in the awful neighborhood. By 1994, I was pondering how to get us out of the place, when an idea hit me. I had a couple of friends who were struggling. Maybe I could invite them to lunch once a week, and we could do some of the prosperity meditations Yogi Bhajan had taught. That way I’d be helping them while helping me. They accepted the invitation.

No, things didn’t change overnight. But they did change. First, one lady landed a job that paid her bills. Then the other’s situation stabilized a little. (It eventually stabilized a lot.) Finally, in 1997, my husband and I moved to a much nicer house in a much nicer area, a place with a view that included several mountains and sometimes arc of heaven rainbows.

Maybe I could answer Yogi Bhajan’s directive by writing about the Kundalini pathway to prosperity.

Of course, I hadn’t tried ALL the prosperity meditations, not even enough to fill a book, so my private sadhana turned into a time for trying out more. In early August of 2001, I was nearly through a forty-day sadhana of Meditation to Tap Opportunities when I saw a tiny ad from Yogi Ji Press requesting submissions. I’d written most of the book longhand but hadn’t yet typed any of it. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to contact them just to ask for their guidelines.

Two days later, I had a request for a chapter and an outline. Spent the entire next day typing up a chapter and the table of contents, which was detailed enough to serve as an outline. (I did have an outline I was working from, but it was definitely NOT the sort of thing to send a publisher.) Sent those items off.

And the next day, I had an offer of publication. Anyone here familiar with trade publishing will know how fast that is. So I can tell you this stuff works!

Things that helped: Sharing. Accepting opportunities as they arise without hunting for them or laying a lot of expectations. But most of all, practice. The Teachings are meaningless unless we use them.

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