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21 reasons to take 21 Stages of Meditation


Whether you are just beginning your practice in meditation or have been meditating regularly for years, you know that when you intentionally connect with yourself in that state of awareness there is a major shift of consciousness within you.

Each time you prepare to sit in meditation you know you will be stepping into yourself to get a glimpse of your inner landscape. However, you can never be sure what each meditation practice will reveal. 

In meditation we encounter ourselves and recognize that we are complex beings with multifaceted ongoing thoughts, with shifting, even contradictory, emotions that surge simultaneously, all of which take us through a wide range of states of being. 



21 Stages of Meditation is a course that allows you to get to know, identify and be at peace in each of these different states.

Designed in three journeys, each one takes you on an exploration of the Self to the Infinite Pulse in 7 stages:

  • Journey 1: Upset, Boredom, Irritation, Frustration, Focus, Absorption, Experience and Crystallize the Self
  • Journey 2: Rasa, Delight, Politeness, Humility, Elevation, Graceful Enlightenment, Express and Be Yourself
  • Journey 3: Presence Like a Beacon, Everywhere Radiance, Prayerful Stillness, Preacher, Teacher, Sage, Infinite Pulse

The intimate connection and understanding of your true Self that going through these 21 Stages of Meditation builds within you is inexplicable and must be experienced personally.

Besides all of the benefits you will gain, here are 21 more reasons to take the course!

  1. Experience yourself 
  2. Meditate deeper
  3. Challenge yourself 
  4. Immerse in meditation
  5. Recognize your inner blocks
  6. Elevate your consciousness
  7. Experience the stages of meditation
  8. Experience the changes
  9. Meditate within a strong group energy 
  10. Clear the subconscious 
  11. Study with diverse teachers from around the world
  12. Great readings from the eBook
  13. Create a chain of meditation around the globe
  14. Understand your process
  15. Experience the inner silence of Shunya 
  16. Practice a 2.5 hour meditation
  17. Enjoy the bliss of inner silence 
  18. Create connections all over the globe 
  19. Expand the boundaries of your meditative experience
  20.  Complete three meditative journeys toward the pinnacle of contemplative awareness: The Infinite Pulse
  21. A profound understanding of Self

This journey begins soon – come along and let’s dive deeper within ourselves, while building community with others on the same path.


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