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Sat Nam and Greetings from New Mexico. It has been a remarkable, challenging, and uplifting year. On November 11, 1991, Yogi Bhajan gave valuable insight into this time we are living. He said,

“Aquarian age has set in. Piscean Age is – 'I want to know'. Aquarian Age is – 'I know it all, I will serve'. Piscean age is – 'Learn and pay your karma'. Aquarian is – 'I am the karma, no payment'. Now, you are not going to fit in, in that, that is the tragedy. You can swim in a lake, but now you are in an ocean. Action and reaction now will be simultaneous. If somebody now tells you, ‘Wake up!’, it will be a waste of time. The only thing one can say is, ‘Are you awakened?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, fine. If the answer is ‘no’, wrong. That’s it. 
“The first fundamental mistake in your own existence is when you think you have to run the show. Now, how many of you had an opportunity to live as a guest in friend’s house? Please raise your hands. Almost everybody must have had a chance, correct? How many of you were foolish enough to go into a friend’s house and start running the household?....... Why you are selling yourself? Don’t sell, just be and just go through it. Go through the environments, that’s practical. Be practical, come to the root level, understand your own value at your own root level. Then, you will understand your spirit.” 

Be a teacher, serve your world! It is a wonderful thing to uplift yourself and stay balanced in challenging times. It is another, grander, thing altogether to dedicate yourself to teach others. Join me in our Level One Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan® Immersion program in Bali this spring. It is time to be you and to work together to embody the values of this new age on Earth. It is time to come together, to learn together, and to work together to enjoy life in group consciousness so you can serve your highest self and serve all you meet.

Yogi Bhajan, talking to Master’s Touch Immersion students in 1999 said,

“All right, you want to be teachers, right? “Students: Yes sir. “First you have to lose, if you are woman, all your faculty of woman. Secondly, you have to lose all faculty of man, if you are a man. Thirdly, you have to lose all faculty of a person and lastly you have to lose yourself, to become teacher. That's why we take that oath 'I am not a woman, I am not a man, I am not a person, I am not myself, I am a teacher.' You know what that means? That means, whatever the circumstances are, you are above it. No matter how much personal, you are impersonal and anything you say, do, or indulge in should be basic on one fact: I am the representative of that Infinity and I am here to elevate the excellence of another person. You can't, you can't say this person is rotten or this person is wonderful. No. Rotten and wonderful are just two sides of the polarity, and you will avoid judgement at all cost. This is how it works. If you have a habit of judgement, you will be never rich. If you let judgement go, you will never be poor. And a teacher has to be rich, because he has to help those who need help. He has to give money those who do not have it; he has to come through for those who have weakness. There are one hundred thousand things he must do from morning until night. He is the hope, he is the help, and he is the happiness. If [teacher] is a ‘she’, she has the same qualities, hope, help, and happiness.” 

And thanks so much for your year-end donations to the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings®! Your love and dedication keep the Library growing. May you have a blessed Winter Solstice celebration, and may your holidays be filled with happiness, grace, and fun with family and friends! 

All love in Divine, Nirvair Singh Khalsa KRI CEO


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