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Kriya – Yourself

Through thousands of years, yogis have “contemplated their navels,” a derogatory way of saying they [...]

Research confirms yoga and meditation help relieve burnout and stress

Have you been feeling fatigued, with increasingly frequent headaches, sudden mood swings, dissatisfaction, or lack [...]

How meditation changed my mindset

Meditation is a long-term practice. Those who have meditated for a long time will surely [...]

Recipe for Ghee is a Recipe for Love

Recipe for Ghee is a Recipe for Love A wonderful way to slow down your [...]

Studies show that Kundalini Yoga can lower blood pressure and slow heart rate

r improve a host of health conditions linked to heart health, including insomnia, depression and [...]

A Yogic Model of Grief Recovery as the Integration of Change

We are in a time where many of us are experiencing multiple losses: Our daily [...]

Find peace during pandemic uncertainty with Kundalini Yoga and meditation

(BPT) – The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world far more uncertain. It has impacted [...]

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The Role of Kundalini Yoga in Psychotherapy

By Madhur Nain Webster What is the true objective of psychotherapy? I was thinking of [...]

My absolute favorite recipe of all time

Dr. Japa Khalsa is one of my favorite healers, teachers, and authors. You may know [...]