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Sat Naam and greetings from Maastricht, The Netherlands!

What a strange summer we are having! I miss traveling to be in the large 3HO community gatherings that typically highlight my summers – the Summer Solstice Sadhana in New Mexico and the European Yoga Festival in France. But I must say, it was incredible to see a small miracle unfold with the 3-day Summer Solstice eSummit, as more the 7,000 people registered! The programs were very uplifting and captured the irreplaceable experience of group consciousness. Sitting with 800 people online for morning sadhana held a potency that surprised me. Now I am looking forward to the 3HO Europe Peace Prayer Day online on August 1st. Keep an eye out for the details of this event.

The impact of the coronavirus is being felt by all of us, in big and small ways, all around the world. So much rapid change, and the massive amount of uncertainty we are all facing, naturally makes us all feel unsettled, maybe even unmoored. The typical and familiar pillars on which we had grounded our sense of identity and security are shaken or perhaps even crumbled. Deep questions arise around who we really are, and who we want to become. I feel very blessed to have my personal Kundalini Yoga practice, it centers me when I feel shaky; it grounds my innermost sense of identity and Self into my highest, most expansive place. My daily sadhana connects me to my True Identity, so I can remain relaxed and flexible, even in the midst of so much stress and uncertainty. For these gifts, I bow in gratitude to the Universe. I hope your personal practice, of whatever form, type, history, or style, is supporting you through these difficult times as well.

If you need some support for how to use the teachings of Kundalini Yoga to help you right now, KRI is the place to come! Our online bookstore, The Source, has lots of Kundalini Yoga eBooks in both English and Spanish. Our Aquarian Development Series has free webinars you can participate in live, or via pre-recorded video. And we are still planning on holding, virus restrictions allowing, our Level One Teacher Training program in Bali in November. What a great way to emerge from your quarantine – by deeply immersing yourself in the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga, building lifelong positive habits, and learning how you can share this yogic technology with others!

As a fun and positive expansion, we are hosting different teachers from our huge KRI international community to lead the monthly meditation. It is wonderful to see new faces and experience their powerful energy as they teach. Do you want to lead a monthly meditation? Let us know and share the light.


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