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From Me To You | February 2022

Celebrating Life

Sat Naam and greetings to you!

This month, 50 years ago, the Kundalini Research Institute was founded.  And from way back then has been helping to disseminate Kundalini Yoga kriyas accurately and to as many people as possible.  Just like all of us, KRI has been through ups and downs, good times and bad.  All life is like that.  And still we celebrate!  We don’t just celebrate the good times.  Instead we try to step back and embrace the entirety of life, and to celebrate the spirit behind the rhythmic pulse of good and bad, up and down, expansion and contraction.  We celebrate the consciousness that can witness the play of life, and can always find hope and joy within any challenge.  By being clear on our identity, and remaining committed to our mission, we can celebrate all of life.

KRI remains clear and committed to our identity and mission – being the authentic reference for Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, and for sharing them with the world.  How we go about living into and fulfilling that identity and mission must always be changing.  I invite you to celebrate with us all that is staying the same and all that is changing, and the infinite spirit that guides us through it all.  This month we have several ways you can join us in this!

Highlights of this month

40 day meditation invitation

KRI will be hosting another 40 day meditation experience beginning on Feb 10th.  I’ll personally be leading this one, and going through it with you!  The meditation we will be using is simple but sneakily powerful.  It’s from the book Kriya, and is to experience bliss.  It’s easy and free to join, but you will need to register to get access to the live session I’ll be leading to kick off the 40 days, to the pre-recorded videos to support your every day practice, and a lively Facebook group to keep you connected with all the other world-wide participants!

Mind and Meditation Level 2 invitation

I wholeheartedly invite you to join the upcoming online KRI Mind and Meditation Level Two Teacher Training course.  There are many, many amazing KRi certified teacher training courses around the world; so I hope you will find one that works for you.  They will all facilitate your diving deeper into the mysteries of your own inner self.  And, if it resonates with you, I’ll look forward to being with you in this KRI Mind & Meditation training in March.This will be a great opportunity to intensively study and practice the yogic science of the Mind, in the supportive company of other yogis.  Through the reading, practice, home study, and online lecture time, you will gain valuable insights into how your mind works, how it sabotages your own happiness, and what you can do to untangle the self-imposed limitations and habitual ways of being, thinking, and acting that will take you more and more towards true, deep, and lasting happiness.  

Read more about this course, check out the dates and the training team, and register here.  

Cultivating Happiness:

All of us at KRI are super excited about launching this amazing new book this month – “Cultivating Happiness, Resilience, And Well-Being Through Meditation, Mindfulness, And Movement: A Guide for Educators.”  

In chaotic times, a deep breath can bring calm to your classroom.  As the pandemic recedes and the world gradually returns to “normal,” it’s more important than ever to make your classroom a place that supports mental health and improves overall wellness. In this book, you’ll discover the why and the how of using age-appropriate techniques to reduce stress, improve executive function, and set the stage for increased memory and attention, better self-regulation, and improved cognition and academic learning.

This month, if you purchase the 3-part webinar series with the authors you receive the book totally for free!  

The KRI staff are holding a series of collective prayers throughout the year of 2022.  In January and February, our prayer has been, and will be, Celebration.  Like I wrote at the beginning of this letter, this does not mean only focusing on the positives, or ignoring challenges.  It means expanding our awareness big enough to see the beauty in all things, and to enjoy the dance of the polarities.  That is life, and that is worth celebrating.  We pray that each and every one of you is also able to find this perspective of celeration in your life, with the tools of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to help you achieve and maintain that elevation.  

Have a blessed month, and may your light be like a lighthouse to everyone who crosses your path.

Amrit Khalsa,


May we infuse joy into the practice of Kundalini Yoga & meditation, leaning into the deep inner reserves of consciousness and celebrating the practice, the practitioner & community. May this celebration of consciousness flow through every aspect of our lives.

Peace in our hearts, peace in our homes, peace in our communities, peace on our planet.


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