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May 2021

Sat Naam and greetings from The Netherlands!

KRI would like to acknowledge and honor all of the amazing service that Kundalini Yoga teachers around the globe do every single day.  Kundalini Yoga is such a powerful tool for improving health and well-being, that everyone who shares it is truly making the world a better place.  Whether you are teaching a dozen or more classes per week, or you offer a family member a single breath technique to calm them down – KRI honors your service!

There is a tremendous ripple effect as well.  Each person that gets even a little healthier or happier will have better relationships in their families, communities, and workplaces.  When we get more resilient, we benefit, as does everyone else around us as well!

It is so beautiful to see how Kundalini Yoga can awaken within us the sense that we have all the resources we need, and therefore can truly give selflessly to others.  From this perspective, seva is not a discipline that we force ourselves to do because it’s “the right thing to do.”  Instead, serving others is a natural flow and outcome from a feeling of completeness and inner radiance.  When I don’t feel like I need anything, then I can truly, selflessly give.  And modern science is, as seems to happen often, “rediscovering” what ancient wisdom traditions have known – that helping others also makes us happier (and even live longer!)[1].

You can stay in touch with a small fraction of the service that Kundalini Yoga teachers are doing via the Seva Corps’ Instagram account.   And you can let them know about your service projects, so they can feature your work as well.  Check it out and be inspired!

Are you wanting to cultivate your own resiliency and capacity to thrive amidst today’s chaos?  If so, I encourage you to look into becoming a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher!  Even with all of the various COVID-19 restrictions still in place around the world, KRI teacher trainers are finding creative ways to deliver high-quality teacher training programs.  Check out this program directory to locate one near you!

Perhaps the most impactful, powerful way to be a teacher is by example.  You don’t need to sit in front of a class and teach Kundalini Yoga kriyas to be a teacher.  You can be a living example of someone who can gracefully handle all the challenges and stresses that life throws at you.  You don’t have to practice or teach to be a better yogi, but to be a better human being.  And others will sense that in you.  They will be inspired too also drop some stress and embrace their own consciousness a bit more. 

KRI continues to produce tools to support all students and teachers of Kundalini Yoga.  We have several new, amazing online workshops offered every month.  One of which will be connected with a new book that KRI will be published called “Mastery of the True Self”.  

How ever you do it, I hope you are finding, and sticking with, the practices that connect you to your higher self, and give you the capacity to be generous and kind, even in the most challenging situations.

Thank you to teachers of all kinds, everywhere!  And may you all have a blessed, healthy and happy month!

[1] https://thriveglobal.com/stories/why-science-says-helping-others-makes-us-happier/


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