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Category Archives: Kundalini Yoga Basics

Revisiting Breath of Fire

Pranayamas, or yogic breathing techniques, play an integral role in Kundalini Yoga as taught by [...]

Patience Pays – Let God Work for You

The affirmation “Patience Pays” given by Yogi Bhajan, is one of the most beloved and [...]

Rock Pose or Easy Pose – Which is Better for Meditation?

Many students feel Rock Pose is more comfortable than Easy Pose during yoga class or [...]

Back to Basics: Mulbandh – Root Lock

The bandhas are locks applied to the body in yoga that direct the prana and apana. The [...]

Pranam Mudra – Prayer Pose

Pranam Mudra, or Prayer Pose, is one of the most frequently used mudras in Kundalini [...]

The Neutral Mind

The Neutral Mind – Quick! You have Nine Seconds The Neutral Mind, the 4th body, [...]

Cover Your Head for Kundalini Yoga

When practicing Kundalini Yoga, we always cover our head with a natural cloth, such as [...]

Mangala Charan Mantra – Chant Before you Drive! 

Back to Basics with Kundalini Yoga  As we covered last month, the Mangala Charan mantra, [...]

Chanting the Mangala Charan Mantra

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful practice for personal transformation. It works swiftly to energize your [...]