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Kriya – Yourself

Through thousands of years, yogis have “contemplated their navels,” a derogatory way of saying they [...]

Research confirms yoga and meditation help relieve burnout and stress

Have you been feeling fatigued, with increasingly frequent headaches, sudden mood swings, dissatisfaction, or lack [...]

How meditation changed my mindset

Meditation is a long-term practice. Those who have meditated for a long time will surely [...]

Scientific studies confirm benefits of Kundalini Yoga

If you are a regular practitioner of Kundalini Yoga and meditation, you have probably already [...]

21 reasons to take 21 Stages of Meditation

Whether you are just beginning your practice in meditation or have been meditating regularly for [...]

Money & The Healthy Student Teacher Relationship

Turning the teaching of yoga into a successful business venture can be a complex art [...]

The Ethical Teaching of Meditation: How the Healthy Student -Teacher Relationship gives Context, Safety & Resonance

(...) This article explores how, when teaching meditation, the sheer nature of this act touches a [...]

Merger of the Sun and Moon | Meditation

Merger of the Sun and Moon, a Kundalini Yoga Meditation taken from the L2 Authentic [...]

Solve Communication Problems is a powerful meditation that can activate the Mercury power of communication. [...]

Understanding Power Imbalance in the Student-Teacher Relationship: A Yoga Students Guide

Students may naturally have a desire to please or to not displease their yoga teachers. [...]

Love is Love

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Love is Love From KRI International Teacher Training Manual L2 [...]

Compassion Kriya

Compassion Kriya POSTURE: Sit in Easy Pose with your spine straight.MUDRA: Cross the Saturn Fingers [...]