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An excerpt from the Introduction written by Shama Kaur for the accompanying guidebook to The Kundalini Meditation Oracle, to be released in Aug 20th, currently on presale.

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By Shama Kaur

This Kundalini Meditation Oracle is for all those who have a deep love for meditation practices from Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, but who often find themselves too busy and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of everyday life to pause and shift their attention to a practice. We often make excuses about how we do not have enough time or that we have already completed our morning practice, so why bother? 

However, deep down, we know that taking 11 minutes to meditate will boost our energy, improve our attention, and make us far more effective at whatever we’re doing. This deck of cards is here to serve you in releasing the mind from making excuses or feeling lost between too many options. We created this 60-card deck of cards to inspire you to delve into the unknown and trust the Universe’s guidance in providing you with your next meditative experience. Simply shuffle the cards and practice the meditation that comes up, without overthinking, analyzing, or questioning.

I was personally inspired to make this deck of cards when I noticed the extent of my attachment to completing an assigned task to the end, even if I feel that I am losing energy, concentration, or creativity. Like a train without any breaks, my focus on completing a task consumes me. I then created a bunch of home-made cards with my favorite meditations to help me pause and switch my attention to a practice that will clear the mental fogginess and widen my perspective beyond the narrow lens that I am focusing on. That draft version was the beginning of this beautiful project, which has grown to be more robust, is accompanied by lovely illustrations by Aliaa Salah, and is being published by KRI.

You’ll notice that each of the cards belongs to a suit and is associated with a virtue. To come up with this final set of 60 practices, we focused on the main themes of yogic philosophy in general, and the yogic teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in particular. Amongst these main themes you will find the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the ten Yamas and Niyamas, the three Gunas, the five Tattvas (or elements), the Seven Chakras, the Nine Aspects of the Mind, the Ten Bodies, and the Seven Steps to Happiness. The last card relates to one of the core teachings of many spiritual traditions: the void, the emptiness—what we call in Kundalini Yoga shuniya. It’s our capacity to remain still, without effort, desireless, merging with the flow of the universe, simply reflecting the interconnectedness of all existence. 

To use these cards, simply shuffle them and pick one of them intuitively. Read the instructions for the meditation on the back side of the card and practice it. Once you’ve regained your inner calm and feel centered, read the card’s virtue once more, then open the booklet and read a little about the yogic philosophy that corresponds to that virtue. Make a note of it and consider how you might incorporate it into your day. You can even keep a record of how these 60 meditations affect your daily life as you practice them.

Enjoy your journey with this lovely set of cards, which we humbly prepared to inspire you in your everyday practice.


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