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Authentic relationships with others flower out of an authentic relationship with self. Kundalini Yoga is packed full of tools, tips and techniques for nourishing and flourishing in yourself – simple yet specific acts of kindness which create an environment of self-care that enables an experience of self-love.  Yet Mind has the ability to play with us humans in such a multitude of ways. Navigating your (relation) ships through unconscious and sub-conscious waters requires a lot of skill and is a challenge for many and most of us. Constant judging that flips between good and bad, bad and good. With dedication and persistence, you clean and clear away re-activity, yet sometimes there is a slip as you steady yourself in new ways of being, for others too. Inviting in pre-forgiveness offers a gentler space where you can explore and express the diversity that is you without fear of punishment or regret. 

Humbling coming back to this basic once again and then once again and again – the in and out breath.  Just stopping. Sat naam. Remembering pre-forgiveness leads to a calmer way that has more dignity too. You have value just by being you. Behaviour is separate from the intrinsic wonderfulness that is you. Your worth is not dependant on what you do.

Forgiveness is not the same as making excuses or making insensitive, unwise or hurtful or harmful ways as ok. It is simply understanding that acting with integrity takes practice too. When the focus is not on endless harsh judgements it can give energy and vitality back to you to take real action from a place of love. What then becomes possible? 

You are a soul having a human experience and you forget your origins are divine again and again as almost all of us do. Unconsciousness is where every sleepy soul seed starts on their journey to the light. Forgetting this divine relationship by definition sets us out of alignment with ourselves. If there is no higher reference, no verticality, there is no true relationship with self because there is no reference for True in you. Forgiving this forgetting and simply coming back as quickly back to you is key.

So using the opportunity to come back to the breath in and out right now.  Stayin the heart once again. Remembering you are made in God. Forgiving God for making you a creature in creation. Forgiving so deeply that it opens up even more space than ever before for True in you. Sat naam. Forgiving your life that only you can live it. Forgiving your destiny that only you can meet it. Forgiving yourself that only you can go through the challenges that are yours to face. Forgiving yourself for being yourself. 

I am ok. I am enough. I am. I am. That is who I am.

Breathing out into the heart: forgiveness. Breathing in. Staying inside, cosy and still.  Repeating the word once again. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Forgiveness. Breathing out, such a relief. Feeling this forgiveness for yourself that can continue in the next breath and then next and then the next – Muscles, release, guilt, release shame, release blame, releasing the compensation game, too.

Breathing deeper still –

peace, peace, peace, peace.

Here are some suggestions to continue your contemplation of the subject over the next 40 days:

Compassion Kriya

July 11 1986 


Give yourself time for journaling after the meditation to embed the changes into yourself. 

What does forgiveness mean to you? What can it give you? What happens when you don’t forgive yourself? And when you do? How do you express it? Why do you choose forgiveness? Where in your life do you need it right now? In your body? In a situation or a habit? Who in you is forgiving who? 

Make yourself an altar card or a series over the days.  There is no need to for them to be fancy. It’s an opportunity to be forgiving of the way you create! You could experiment with making it messy. Draw and write with your eyes closed. Allow yourself to use the “wrong” colour. Equally simply writing the word out on a piece of card once per day can be more than enough. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Equally, you may find you want to do something more elaborate. See where the process takes you with colours or collage. 

 Library of Teachings Lecture that includes 5 things to Forgive by Yogi Bhajan:

December 31, 1991. Fort Lauderdale, FL



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