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ATA Trainer License Renewal 2024-2025


We have joined together in the collective mission of the Aquarian Trainer Academy to train new generations of Aquarian Teachers. Being part of a long-standing, conscious community of over 500 teacher trainers from 47 countries, benefits each of us and expands our impact. 

To sustain our community, it is essential that each of us renew our ATA license yearly. This allows us to implement programs that support us, that engage and develop our skills, and that promote the integrity of our work. The act of renewal demonstrates our ongoing commitment to accountability. Please reach out to us if you have comments or concerns. 

The License Renewal is a two-step process:

1) PLEASE COMPLETE this Payment of the License Fee.

2) MAKE SURE you have filled out the TRAINER AGREEMENT – Translations available

English | 中文 | Español | Français | Deutsch | Italiano | Português | Pусский

The Diversity and Inclusion committee has created a brief Diversity and Inclusion Demographic survey to help us grow more inclusive, moving toward truly representing the world we serve and deepening our ability to help all students feel welcome in their practice.  Please help us do better by responding to the optional survey that you can choose to receive at the end of the License Agreement process.

Do you need financial help? We don’t want economic issues to stop anyone from renewing their license. We are a global community and recognize that there are different economic realities. There are pre-set discounts to be optionally applied by trainers. You can request the code directly on the Trainer Agreement (step 1). If you did not receive it, please contact the ATA Regional Administrator.

Thank you for being part of the global KRI family as we collectively do our part to uplift the planet! 

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