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KRI Monthly Meditation July 2020

Core Alignment Meditation


  • Sit straight and focus at the brow point. Hands on knees in gian mudra.
  • Chant this mantra:

Gobinday Sustains You

Mukanday Liberates You

Udaaray Elevates You

Apaaray Delivers You Across

Hareeang Destroys All

Kareeang Creates All

Nirnaamay Beyond Category and Name

Akaamay Beyond Desire

  • The mantra is chanted on one breath and takes about 15 seconds. To chant it correctly, inhale deep, pull in the navel, and apply Mul Bandh as you begin to chant. Cinch the Mul Bandh a little tighter with each phrase. Exhale and continue.
  • Chant for 31 minutes. This meditation works on subconscious blocks, especially around issues of fear.

This mediation was originally published in the book The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets


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