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The Stressless Brain


?The Stressless Brain? is one of the first books that teaches how to use Kundalini meditation to deal with stress and anxiety. Bridging the worlds of yogic meditation, psychology and
science, the book aims to help readers utilize the meditative tools in
order to harness their entire being: mind, body and soul. By exploring
Kundalini meditation, readers will be able to develop intuition,
consciousness and connection to a higher energy. This, according to Webster, is a spiritual method towards building a relationship with oneself.

Everyone deals with stress and anxiety at some time in their life. Whether the stress
is a mild nuisance or a persistent struggle, we can often feel or
actually become ?stuck? in our lives. We do not know what to do, which
direction to take, or even how to make rational decisions when facing
such stress. This book gives readers the tools (i.e. Kundalini
meditations) to alter their relationship with stress and anxiety so that
they can make healthy, informed decisions throughout all aspects of
their life,? Webster concludes.

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